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Anatomic shape seats for recumbents+ soft mat

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DescriptionVolumetric recumbent bike seat ( recumbent trike seat ) of anatomic shape in assembly with soft 3D Mesh seat pad ( seat mat ) and adjustable multi-leaf headrest.
Recumbent seats of the current model are widely used in REHABILITATION PURPOSES. Anatomic shape of the seat perfectly fits riders with spinal, coccyx diseases or any other back issues, people after back surgery, etc. Namely because of this feature, the seat became the choice of rather big number of buyers. This seat gives a rider really impressive kind of feeling comfort that always stays one of the most important factors for long distances. As a result, anyone can get pretty much wider range of experience while riding own HPV.

- Product of the optimal price-quality ratio.
- Tested on numerous models of recumbents and compatible with most bikes, trikes and velomobiles.
- Anatomic shape allows to pass long distances and to stay comfortable during pretty long period of time.
- Each seat is supplied with soft seat pad (seatmat) and headrest both attached with velcro (easy to use).
- Rib stiffeners.

- COLOR OPTION: ALL COLORS AVAILABLE (choose your own color!!!)

- Wide range of installation angle relative to the horizon: 27º-45º
- High-quality glass-reinforced polyester (GRP) as basic material (GRP is rather proof and wear resistant).
- Well tested proven production method: hand molding.

Each seat consists of several layers: each one is layed down by hand and impregnated individually with polyester resin (which is much safer than epoxide) for better stacking density. Loaded places and areas for mounting are reinforced with additional layers.

Seat size and rider's overall height:
Size 1 - 160~173 cm / 63~68 inches. Seat weight: 1.3kg (2.8Lb)
Size 2 - 170~180 cm / 67~71 inches. Seat weight: 1.4kg (3Lb)
Size 3 - 175~190 cm / 69~75 inches. Seat weight: 1.5kg (3.3Lb)

Seat of any size (1,2,3) has the same 32 cm / 12,6 inches width (at the widest place).

Seat pad size:
S1 32\22\27\87 cm = 12,6/8,7/10,7/34,3 inches
S2 32\22\27\92 cm = 12,6/8,7/10,7/36,2 inches
S3 32\22\27\98 cm = 12,6/8,7/10,7/38,8 inches

Headrest weight: 0,14kg (0,3Lb)

Fasteners: 3 mm (0,119 inches) steel or 5 mm (0,2 inches) aluminium.

Attach seat in two points with 4 M6 bolts between stiffening ribs.
If you like a soft seat mat – order bigger size!

In a case your bike / trike goes with a plastic seat (not a metal frame with a net in between), that means our seat can fit. Same time, there should be original fastening from original seat of bike / trike (which, for example, could be taken from another broken seat or stuff like that). The fastening can be attached to a seat, but first should be drilled holes in a seat in right places.
If the original seat of bike / trike is represented by net on metal frame (such a kind of seat can also be the part of trike's frame), a special adapter for our seat is required. These adapters are not really presented on the market today, that means it might be created by yourself. And this is the real state of things. All the things you do on your own risk. Our dept as a supplier is to tell the truth. We cannot guarantee 100% compatibility with every HPV. Same time, the current model of seat has been already tested with many bikes as same as with trikes. And that's why we call it universal seat for recumbents. Though, first of all we recommend to provide us with photos, after which we can give any detailed answer.
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