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Windcheetah SL (Speedy) No.75

Created ByWarren Kinder
TypeFor Sale
MakeWindcheetah Sl
ModelWindcheetah Sl
DescriptionI bought Speedy No.75 about 22 years ago in Australia from the original owner, a friendly engineer who was leaving the country. I think he bought it around 1985? In true engineer style he had dismantled it almost completely with many unfulfilled ideas of what to do with it. I rebuilt it with most of the bits that were there, and those that weren't I had made in a local engineering shop and also with the help also of a very knowledgeable local bike shop. I installed twist grip gears (didn't like the originals) and lengthened the joystick to fit me, as I was taller than the previous owner. I am 180cm. I also changed the braking arrangement to have the left brake on the left side and right brake on the right. You may think that strange, but it is brilliant to aid with sliding, I mean steering round corners at great speed. It is simple to retrofit the normal arrangement. I have had full emergency stops from 80+ km/h (downhill) and never had a problem stopping in a straight line in 22 years and many countries. I also changed the largest chainring sprocket as I could only pedal to maximum 45 km/h with the old one; with the new I can get to 65 Km/h on flat or slightly downhill. I always preferred the raw look so stripped off all the paint and polished the bare aluminium. I unfortunately do not have the time to devote to 3-wheeling these days and sadly must make room in my garage for other things. I have spent a lot of time and considerable $ on it over the years. It was all well spent! There are things to do to have it running well again. None are expensive or difficult. I am sure I will regret selling it. When I fully retire I will probably just buy a new one! It would be nice if it went to another fanatic! I am located in Prague, Czech Republic. I speak French also if it helps. Photos will be forwarded to those I deem serious.
Phone Number
CityPrague (Prague)
Created At2018-08-12 07:01:44
Updated At2018-08-12 09:39:18

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