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Created ByAndy De Ridder
TypeFor Sale
DescriptionSelling because it is a tad too small for me and i have quest 404 ( that i use ) and 009 ( that i am rebuilding ) . i am 1m87 and shoe size 48 and have not the smallest shoulders and fit but i like a bit more space .
bike is in good usable condition . it wasn't repainted perfect and has a few new scratches from moving it around .
i can't bring myself to start repainting it again so i am selling it as is . the bike has been sanded as thin of the fiber without burning through and primed ( it had a lot of wax in the gellcoat so it looked as an orange as the previous owner painted it this isn't a problem anymore )
its a pretty light bike ( a lot less then my quest ).
37 52 in the front
11-28 10 speed in the back
16 tooth on the secondary ( new rear hub 135mm )
brand new 11s sram chain
atm equipped with friction shifters on a removable part below the steerer . shifts very fast and you get pretty accurate with it pretty quickly . i include a second mounting if you want to install trigger shifters and you can of-coarse install gripshifters on it .

brakes 70mm drums in good condition and new cables and liners
seat and padding haven't been used much .
optional you can have it with a large size quest style seat with a lot of ventilation ( inc the mounting brackets for it )
2 headlights
2 led strips in the back + a 10mm flasher led ( on a separate switch )
2 10mm red and white led side markers with own 20ma drivers per led so they work from 6 to 96 volt )
4x 3 white samsung 5030 leds mounted in opaque yellow gelcoat
interior lighting in the front of the nose , in the front cockpit and left and right behind you

comes with a em velomobile hood in pretty bad but usable condition
and the hood on the pictures , this is a glass fiber one i made to test the hinges ( that seem to work fine ) since i didn't want to drill in my icb quest hood before i tested this. it uses a simple plexi visor but it works fine .
top is fixed with custom bolts tht hook behind the lip and wingnuts so you can remore the top without acrobatics and tools , there is a rubber seal beween it ( no glue or silicone )
foam cover and versatile roof
2 mirrors
3 lipo 3s 12v 4000 and 8000mah batteries ( can deliver 30 and 60 amps so no christmas effect every time you use the indicators )
electrical cabling has been replaced with new high quality thin copper wires ( these hold fine for at least up to 5 amps without heating up ) 10 pairs to the front , 10 to the back and 3 up the steerer .
extra tyreset ( the ones that are on it are still as new )
small toolset inc a light for that midnight tyre replacing adventure
more pictures at

located in kapelle op den bos belgium ( between brussels and antwerp )
CityKapelle-op-den-Bos (Flanders)
Created At2019-05-19 17:47:29
Updated At2019-07-23 17:03:41
Sold2019-07-23 17:03:41
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