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Alleweder A2

StatusSold on RecycleBent
Created ByLuis MES
TypeFor Sale
CategoryElectric Velomobile
DescriptionIt is a basically indestructible and very solid model. A2.
The paint is automotive grade, I recently replaced everything important, chain, gears, etc. Tires are new, brakes are new (70mm).
Motor and battery are perfect, (90%) you can climb big slopes without any problem and with a child. The range depends on your legs, but you can make trips with the child between neighboring cities. 20 - 70 km or more when stopping to charge (KIT BAFANG BBS01 48V + Battery). I have the invoice. 1322 euros. French supplier.
The first owner built it, but hardly used it, I used it to spend time with my son, very little use.
I am selling it mainly because my son has grown up and I am out of Europe.
The speed is up to you, the engine running well at 45 - 50 km/h. Without motor 25 - 35... I am a very normal and small person.
This A2 was brought from Holland, the rear suspension was disassembled and I checked everything, I can provide you with the carrier who brought it to me, it is not expensive. I am the second owner.

The price is 2700 and is non-negotiable.

Approximate value is:
1500 bike.
Motor and battery. 1000.
Complete braking system. 400.
Paint. 600.
Extras, weather, etc...

Impeccable and unique.

The bike is in Spain, but can be transported without problems throughout Europe.
CityMálaga (AL)
Created At2022-05-13 19:06:13
Updated At2022-11-04 08:22:33
Sold2022-11-04 08:22:33
Price Sold2700

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