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M5 cityracer (20/26)

EstadoVendido en otro sitio
Anunciado porZoef
Categoría Bicicleta
Descripción Cityracer from M5 recumbents.

A quick racer that still rides well. 9 speed.
Carbon seat, size M
Carbon fork
Titanium tiller.

According to the previous owner, the nose boom has been welded to give it extra length.
On the back, once a M5 tailbag was mounted that damaged the fork. He sprayed some black paint there, to prevent it against rusting.

550 euro asking.

This bike is also available in parts, because i could use the fork and tiller of this bike for restoring my titanium shockproof.
For example as a frameset, without the fork. You could build it into a 26"/26" then for example, or put a 406 fork in it so you could choose from more tyres.

Shipping possible
CiudadRotterdam (ZH)
Fecha de creación2018-10-18 23:07:14
Fecha de Actualización2019-11-28 01:38:02

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